Do you suspect you have a mold problem in your home? Are you suffering from health effects that you believe are related to mold exposure? Has mold been discovered in your home by you or someone else and you need help determining proper removal steps? Premier Mold Inspection and Testing can help.

Our inspectors at Premier Mold Inspection and Testing are Licensed New York State Mold Assessors. We provide mold assessments that meet the requirements set forth in the New York State mold law. Our services provide property owners, tenants, businesses, schools, and other institutions with an accurate and reasonable plan for having mold concerns properly remediated.

In 2016 New York State initiated laws which require licensing for Mold Inspection, Assessment and Remediation professionals. The ultimate purpose of the new law is to protect consumers by creating a legal separation between mold inspection and mold remediation companies, thus providing consumers with non-biased assessments. According to the mold law, all mold remediation projects must have an assessment provided by a Licensed Mold Assessor, prior to beginning any Mold Remediation projects performed by mold remediation companies.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering Free Mold Inspections, there is always a hidden agenda. The new laws have been established to eliminate these Free Mold Inspection scams. Also, many of the newly licensed New York State Mold Assessors may have only met the state minimum requirements to become licensed and do not have previous experience with Mold Assessments. With years of experience, industry leading certifications and hundreds of completed Mold Assessment projects under our belts, we provide our clients with timely accurate results that meet all New York State requirements.