Not All Mold Assessors Are Equal When It Comes to Experience

Mold from flooded basement in Oneonta, NY home

Mold from flooded basement in Oneonta, NY home

On January 1, 2016, New York’s first mold law went into effect.  This is a quick history and summary of that law. Bill S3667D-2013 was signed into effect by New York Governor Cuomo on January 29, 2015. It requires the licensing of mold assessment and remediation contractors or specialists, plus it sets minimum work standards. The reason this law came into effect was due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which created a need for mold legislation. This law requires contractors who work in mold assessment or remediation to hold a license. Licensing is given after completing a state-approved course, as well as meeting other minimum requirements. It is important to note that the person who analyzes whether or not mold exists cannot also be the person who remedies the situation. An assessment and remediation plan must delineate the rooms which require remediation, the estimated quantity of work, the recommended methods to be employed, and the PPE to be used. Plus, the estimated times and costs for completion should be included. After the work is completed, the assessment contractor must come back and confirm that the problem has been eliminated.

Containment may not be removed until the mold remediation licensee overseeing the project has received a notice from the mold assessment licensee confirming mold clearance, as determined by the post-remediation assessment.

If there are violations, the appropriate contractor’s license may be revoked, plus there may also be civil penalties, fines, or probation.

Armed with this knowledge, it is necessary to realize that not all mold assessors are equal. A Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist (CRIE) trained by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) is a person trained not only in mold investigation, but also in all aspects of air cleanliness. The training is such as to warrant professional licensing. The trained individual not only has knowledge of air quality issues, but also is able to relate that knowledge to acceptable standards and regulations.

Contact us if you are concerned about mold remediation or air quality. We not only have CRIE training, but we have also done hundreds of successful mold assessments without complaint or issues from licensing agencies. Some licensed mold assessors have little to no experience. We have completed hundreds of assessments. If experience is important to you, contact us.

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