WATER DAMAGE: Has Your Home Been Infiltrated by the Enemy?

Mold from flooded Oneonta, NY basement

Mold from flooded Oneonta, NY basement

With all of the flooding we’ve seen in the news recently in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, it’s gotten folks thinking about the tremendous damage that water can do to a structure like a home. Not only can it reduce dry wall to a pulpy mess, it also damages beautiful hardwood flooring, carpeting and furniture. It takes a lot of work to restore a house after a flood, whether it’s caused by a severe weather event, a broken water heater or leaky pipes.

Even when the home has been aired out with fans and open doors and windows, it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to dry every inch of a home quickly and completely. Of course, over time and with a little cooperation from the weather, everything will eventually dry. The question is, has mold taken hold in the meantime. Because if it has, it can make your home into a hostile environment. That’s because mold can make people sick — sometimes very sick! That’s why mold testing after a water leak or flooding event is so critically important!

Here in New York, mold testing and mold remediation are not done by one company. In order to protect you and ensure that you get a realistic assessment of the damage, the law says that before you can begin to clean up mold, you first must obtain a detailed work plan prepared by a New York state licensed mold inspector. Step #1 in the process then, is to contact us. We’re Premier Mold Inspecting and Testing. We’ve not only got a license to inspect and assess a home, school or business, we’ve also got years of experience under our belts. We’ll provide you with an accurate and timely inspection and recommendations that fulfill all of the requirements of New York law.

And then on to Step #2, which is to contact a Mold Remediation Company to begin ridding your home of mold according to the inspector’s report and recommendations!

Don’t risk your own health or the health of your family. If you suspect you may have a mold problem, contact us.




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