3 Reasons To Get Mold Testing By A Licensed Assessor Before Buying Real Estate

Mold inside Oneonta, NY ceiling

Mold inside Oneonta, NY ceiling

Mold testing for real estate transactions is one of those essentials that buyers can easily overlook. Who wants to think about mold when they have a beautiful ranch or colonial home to view? However, molds are sneaky and houses are big investments. You will want to protect your transaction, and mold testing by a licensed assessor will do this in 3 ways.


1. Gives The Buyer Fair Warning About The Property

Sellers may be thoroughly honest and still miss mold. The house may have been pristine when they put the property up for sale, but developed a problem while they were away. Either way, you can wind up with an unexpected mold problem.

Depending on the type and placement of the mold, mold remediation can be a serious hassle. Even if it is a minor expense, the presence of mold before you buy may indicate that your new place is prone to these sorts of problems.

If the testing turns up no mold, you can strike one worry off your worry list. If the testing reveals mold, you can calculate the cost of remediation in to the price of buying the property. Either way, a professional assessment will give you a better, more detailed idea of what you are getting with the house.

2. Licensed Assessors Comply With New York State Law

Article 32 of New York labor law states that the company that tests for mold must be properly licensed and trained, and they must meet the Department of Labor’s minimum work standards. Article 32 also requires that an assessment company be separate from the remediation company so that the assessment of the scope of work is independent of the people getting paid for the remediation. There has to be a post-remediation assessment, as well. If you want to check for mold (and you probably should), getting a licensed assessor keeps everyone on the right side of the law.

3. Assures The Assessment’s Accuracy

Hiring Hal the Handyman to guess at the extent of the mold damage risks him guessing wrong. A specialized company that has properly trained their employees doesn’t have anyone guessing. They can accurately name the mold involved and assess what it will take to eliminate it. It is their area of expertise, and you can trust their pronouncement to reflect reality.

If you are in the middle of a real estate transaction in Oneonta, Cooperstown, Delhi or any other Central New York area, feel free to contact us. We are licensed and trained according to Article 32, and can provide you with all of the above benefits as you buy your property.

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