Mold Inspection and Testing Could Save Your Home


Black Mold on Basement Walls

In the early nineties, Melinda Ballard bought her dream house in Dripping Springs, Texas. Her 11,000 square foot mansion seemed to be the perfect home in which to settle down and start her family. In 1994, she married Ron Allison, an investment advisor and two years later, gave birth to a baby boy.

In 1998, when their son Reese was two years old, they discovered a leak in their home’s plumbing. Being responsible homeowners, the couple paid a plumber to rectify the situation and assumed all was well in their little corner of paradise. Not long after, they noticed that the floor of the home had begun to buckle. That was the beginning of their biohazard nightmare. As Melinda exchanged letters with her insurance company and they haggled over the costs associated with dealing with the mold issues, toxins from the slimy mold continued to infiltrate the house. Mold spores eventually spread through the home via the air-conditioning system, causing not only destruction of property, but bringing with it a host of critical health problems for the family. When Ron started experiencing memory loss and young Reese started vomiting blood, they retreated to a mother-in-law apartment on the property while waiting for insurance experts to analyze their situation. At the same time, the couple hired their own investigator to test the mold that was slowly overtaking their lives. The investigator spent less than one hour in the home, and the next four hours vomiting in his truck outside. 

Within an hour of being notified of the presence of toxic stachybotrys, the family left their home and everything in it. Wedding albums, jewelry that was intended to one day become family heirlooms, baby pictures, clothing, all became a memory… a very painful memory.

Mold inspection and testing is a simple, yet vital step that homeowners often neglect. While this true account serves as an extreme example It is important to get rid of mold and fix any plumbing problems before you have a dangerous biohazard situation on your hands. If you suspect mold could be lurking under your dwelling, contact us to schedule an inspection today!

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